Rob Kerr

Chief Technology Officer

Rob Kerr has areas of expertise across mathematical modeling, statistics, and machine learning, web applications and cloud infrastructure. He is passionate about understanding how existing things work and imagining how new things could work. Until joining Seer, he spent his career working in engineering and scientific research.

Rob Kerr studied a dual bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics University of Queensland. He then went on to obtain a PhD in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne and then to work as a research scientist at IBM Research Australia. Here, Rob built a web-based tool for simulating and visualising individual neurons.

At Seer, Rob is responsible for all of the company’s software development and machine learning. He is particularly focussed not just on what we can make possible, but how we can reliably and securely deliver these technologies.

Scholarly literature here.


Dual bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Queensland


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