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[Video] Meet Professor Mark Cook

Professor Mark Cook is an accomplished neurologist, with decades of experience in the field of neurology. He has dedicated his professional life to the research and development of novel therapies for the treatment of epilepsy in the pursuit of a better life for those living with the condition. 

Professor Cook is the Chief Medical Officer at Seer Medical where he oversees our medical staff and ensures precision and accuracy in EEG reporting. 

Around the office and among the staff, we know Professor Cook to be a wonderful and fascinating person who is generous with his knowledge and expertise. We’d like you to get to know him as well! Watch the video interview with Professor Cook below.

Years in neurology

30 years

Current positions

Chief Medical Officer: Seer Medical

Chief Medical Office: Epiminder

Director: Graeme Clark Institute for Biomedical Engineering 

Sir John Eccles Chair Of Medicine: University of Melbourne, St Vincent’s Hospital

Director, Department of Neurology: St. Vincent’s Hospital

Number of reporting staff
    • Seer Medical: 50+
    • Epiminder: 5+
    • Graeme Clark Institute: 3
    • St Vincent’s: 100+
Number of published works 

564 published articles

Research focus
    • Experimental models of epilepsy and seizure prediction.
    • Management of epilepsy.  
    • Novel therapies for the treatment of epilepsy.
    • Imaging and surgical planning for epilepsy.
    • Clinical neurology.