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Is it safe to get an EEG during coronavirus?

Seer Medical is considered an essential service and our clinics remain open and operational.

With the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Australia not under control, you may be wondering if it is safe to get an EEG test. 

The short answer is, yes, it is safe to get an EEG during coronavirus. 

You may be considering waiting until restrictions are lifted, but waiting will not only put yourself at risk, it could also be putting others at risk.

3 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to do your monitoring

1. Now is the best time

It’s likely that you and anyone you live with will be home and available to support you during monitoring. Many people who have used our service find that having someone around for support to be one of the biggest benefits of at-home testing, but have found that it can be difficult to coordinate when people are leaving home for work. This is also a challenge for parents undergoing testing, or parents who have children undergoing testing.

With a majority of businesses currently working from home, or schooling conducted at home, now is the best time to complete at-home testing. You’ll have the support you need and still be able to work as usual. You’ll most likely already be limiting your trips outside of home so completing EEG monitoring will blend in with your routine.

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2. You could hurt yourself

Strangers may be less willing to provide first aid if you have a seizure in public. In these uncertain times, people are hesitant to breach social distancing and are afraid of contracting coronavirus. 

If you get injured during a seizure you may end up needing to go to hospital. Hospitals are limited in capacity for non-urgent care. Many need to reserve beds for coronavirus patients in critical condition.

3. Gain relief and control

If you are experiencing undiagnosed seizures, they won’t wait for the pandemic to be over for you to get testing — so neither should you. Delaying a diagnosis could put stress on yourself and your loved ones. The sooner you get a diagnosis, the sooner you can get the right treatment plan. 

Many people express that the best part of the entire process is the relief that comes with finally knowing what has been causing their events. Having answers puts people back in control over their health, and their lives. 

In such uncertain times, any piece of certainty that we can gain makes a difference. Having control over what happens to you is empowering. Getting certainty through a diagnosis means you can find support groups filled with people who share and understand what you’re going through. 

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Are Seer Medical clinics safe?

There are no hospital visits involved with Seer Medical appointments so there is no added risk of getting the virus at our clinics.

As a medical service provider, our clinics have always upheld the highest standards of hygiene. Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve enhanced all safety measures to protect our community. 

In our clinics we have implemented the following measures:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and furniture in the clinic before each appointment (such as door handles, reception surfaces, bins, floors, waiting area chairs and toilets)
  • Performing regular cleaning and sterilisation of all medical equipment and devices
  • Providing hand sanitising stations for all visitors and regular staff use
  • Spacing appointments to allow one patient in a clinic room at a time

What you need to know for your appointment

We want you to feel safe about coming to your appointment.

The following safety measures have been implemented:

  • Patients, visitors and staff must wash their hands before and after appointments
  • Medical scientists wear gloves and a face mask during the appointment
  • All patients and visitors will be given a face mask to wear during the appointment
  • Staff will conduct a visitor temperature check on arrival at the clinic 
  • Practicing social distancing in the clinic (maintaining a 1.5m distance where possible)
  • Limiting number of accompanying visitors to one person per patient

Our team will be in touch to confirm your booking and ensure that you feel safe about your appointment. If you are feeling unwell, or have come into close contact with someone with a confirmed case, please contact us immediately to reschedule your appointment 1300 869 888.