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Seer Sense®

Seer Sense® is a revolutionary wireless brain and heart monitoring wearable that takes gold standard epilepsy diagnostics out of the hospital and into the home.

It delivers a step change in patient comfort and freedom while empowering doctors with the data they need to make a conclusive diagnosis.

Render of Seer Sense device

Seer Cloud

GDPR compliant, Seer Cloud is a web-based data management system for large data sets. Seer Cloud turns data into insights faster than ever before.

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Sample of Seer Cloud EEG

The Seer app

The Seer app is a management tool that helps people living with epilepsy and other seizure disorders to keep track of their events and manage their medications.

Weekly and monthly insights reports are generated to identify seizure cycles and help doctors navigate towards the right treatment plan.

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Industry standard glues and adhesives for long-term scalp electrodes can only be removed with solvents such as acetone.

Developed by Seer Medical, WaterTabs® are a water-soluble adhesive that can be washed away, minimising discomfort and irritation, and enabling quick and easy self-disconnection.

Render of WaterTabs