Video-EEG in the comfort of home

At Seer Medical, we’re dedicated to helping you better understand your health. Home video-EEG helps you get the answers you need.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this service available now?

Seer Medical is available in the Greater London area with other locations available soon.

Will I need a referral?

Yes. You will need a referral from your doctor or specialist before monitoring.

We invite you to start a conversation with your doctor or specialist about Seer Medical. They can help determine whether it is an appropriate monitoring solution for you.

Why is video recording needed?

The video recording component of our service plays a key part in making a diagnosis.

The information captured on this recording, together with your EEG and ECG data, allows a medical professional to see the moments that led up to an event, the environment in which the event occurs, and the body movements during the event.

You will be asked to remain in view of the camera as often as possible, but feel free to leave it behind when you need some privacy.

We take your privacy extremely seriously at Seer Medical. We will only review video when an event is reported by you or your caregiver or at times when our scientists find abnormalities in the data. Read our article about video-EEG for more information.

Can I shower or bathe during testing?

We are delighted to say, yes! Our wearable device can be quickly and safely disconnected from the EEG headpiece for short periods of time, allowing you to enjoy a shower during your monitoring period provided you use the included shower cap.