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Home video-EEG-ECG monitoring services that deliver the comfort your patients want and the insights you need for an accurate diagnosis.
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How it works

Everything you need to see, in one place

Our GDPR-compliant web portal, Seer Cloud, gives you a full view of the data collected during your patients’ studies and enables you to generate your diagnostic reports efficiently.

  • Precision time-synced video to EEG and ECG data
  • Powerful zoom to view event semiology
  • View patient self-reported events
  • Access data from anywhere with a secure internet connection

High-quality care at home

Access home video telemetry services and ease the pressure on hospital waiting lists by referring patients to Seer Medical.

Who is it for?

Undiagnosed patients presenting with:

  • Events with impaired awareness, unresponsive episodes, or loss of consciousness
  • Possible seizures occurring during sleep
  • Unprovoked convulsive activity

Known epilepsy patients requiring:

  • Characterisation of the nature of events
  • Monitoring response to treatment
  • Assessing fitness to drive

A faster path to diagnosis

On average, Seer Medical sees patients within 2 weeks of referral and provides reports within 2 weeks of disconnection.*

More objective data, more conclusive diagnoses

The Seer Home service enables longer monitoring durations and high rates of event capture to uncover more clinically relevant information.^

Patient case studies

See how the Seer Home service captures pertinent information for neurologists to diagnose confidently.

Unprecedented patient experiences

Every aspect of Seer’s monitoring technology is designed with patient experiences at the centre — improving compliance and clinical outcomes.

  • Lightweight EEG-ECG wearable allows for showering
  • Water-soluble electrode adhesives substantially minimise skin injury
  • Comprehensive patient support throughout testing

We’d love to show you more

Without hiring any new staff or purchasing any equipment, the Seer Home service enables you to see more patients and access new codes.

^Clinical studies show that, on average, only 55% of video-EEG studies result in a conclusive diagnosis. Extending the duration of monitoring to 7 days increases the proportion of studies with a conclusive diagnosis to 87%.1-4

1Schulze- Bonhage et al, Diagnostic yield and limitations of in- hospital documentation in patients with epilepsy, Seizure 2022.

2Nurse et al, Ambulatory Video EEG extended to 10 days: A retrospective review of a large database of ictal events, 2023.

3Adenan et al, A retrospective study of the correlation between duration of monitoring in the epilepsy monitoring unit and diagnostic yield, Epilepsy and Behavior, 2022.

4Friedman et al, How long does it take to make an accurate diagnosis in an epilepsy monitoring unit?, Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, 2009.