Diagnostic monitoring in the comfort of home

Seer is reimagining how and where people undergo
long-term brain, heart, and respiratory monitoring for faster paths to diagnoses and better patient outcomes.


Patient-centric healthcare

Seer was founded with the vision of opening access to world-class clinical monitoring. At Seer, we are driven by a common purpose to give people more control over their most valuable assets — their health and their time.

We believe in a new approach to healthcare. One that combines the best of devices, cloud computing, and computer science to enable the transition of clinical monitoring from the hospital to the home.


Open access to monitoring

We are on a mission to create new clinical care pathways for diagnosing and managing neurological, cardiac, and sleep conditions.

Opening access to home monitoring at scale will relieve bottlenecks in the healthcare system, fast-track treatment, improve productivity, and save millions of lives.


Operation 30-30

Epilepsy is notoriously difficult to diagnose and remarkably complex to treat.

The misdiagnosis rate of epilepsy is as high as 30%.
30% of people living with epilepsy are not able to control their seizures with medication.

Through extensive research and open access to objective data, the solution to this problem will form the foundation for solving similar challenges for sleep and cardiac conditions.

Operation 30-30 is Seer’s pursuit to give control back to people who thought they had lost it.

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