Feel like a person, not like a patient

Home-based diagnostic testing is a safe and trusted alternative to in-clinic or hospital monitoring.

Are you currently undergoing testing?

Not all seizures are epilepsy

In fact, not all events that look like seizures are seizures at all.

Thorough testing helps to pinpoint the cause of your events, putting you in the best position for an accurate diagnosis.

Home comfort replaces hospital stays

A long-term hospital stay used to be the only way to access video-EEG-ECG monitoring. Today, there’s another option.

Seer’s monitoring service brings gold-standard diagnostics into the home, making video-EEG-ECG more comfortable for the millions of Americans who need to access diagnostic services each year.

Thoughtfully designed medical equipment

Designed for patient experience, our system is comfortable and easy to wear on even the longest studies.

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The Seer app is your companion during your monitoring period and beyond. Record events, manage your medications, share information with your doctor, and more.