Transformational epilepsy care

Seer partners with leaders in neurology to elevate their epilepsy care through world-class clinical monitoring in the home.
The Seer Home service transforms the care model and unlocks opportunities for both patients and providers to prosper.

Neurology’s new edge

The Seer Home service extends the capacity of your team, shouldering labor-intensive tasks so that you can expand your practice.

How does it work?


Your team sets up patients with devices and consumables provided to you at no upfront cost

FDA-cleared ambulatory monitoring system
Pre-packed consumables kits for streamlined setup


The Seer Home team handles home monitoring and data review

Patient support and technical maintenance
Technician report


A technician’s report is supplied for final interpretation by your doctors

HIPAA-compliant cloud-based review platform
Streamlined reporting workflow
Quick report generation


Purposefully designed for home monitoring, the Seer Home service delivers a monitoring experience unlike any other — improving comfort, diagnostic yield, and monitoring duration.


The Seer Home service integrates into your clinical workflow to relieve the most time-consuming aspects of home monitoring.

Seer supplies:


Running an efficient home monitoring program unlocks capacity for neurology departments.

Driven by passion. Motivated by purpose.

We are on a mission to open access to world-class clinical monitoring.

Seer blends cutting-edge research into revolutionary product design, creating experiences that meaningfully improve the lives of providers and their patients.

Through the expertise of our scientists and epileptologists, we are transforming practice with clinical insights.

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