The Seer Home service

A partnership that enables your neurology practice to deliver world-class ambulatory video-EEG-ECG through a tailored blend of innovative products and services.

How it works

The Seer Home service equips you with the tools to deliver excellence in-clinic and extends your team’s capacity.
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Field-tested solution for multi-day monitoring

The Seer Home service is partnered with hospitals in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

90,000+ days

Video-EEG-ECG monitoring completed

7 days

Average study length

246 years

Hospital bed days reallocated to higher value activities

Push past technology limitations

The Seer Home service enables longer monitoring durations and high rates of event capture to uncover more clinically relevant information and support confident diagnosis.

Unprecedented patient experiences

Every aspect of Seer’s monitoring technology is designed with patient experiences at the center — improving compliance and clinical outcomes.

Award-winning wearable

Sense is our award-winning EEG-ECG wearable that is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. Sense allows patients to shower during studies, and the 10-day battery ensures continuous data streaming up to one week.

Seamless home monitoring

Once set up, patients do not need to come into the clinic at any point for maintenance or data upload.

  • Data checks and patient support are conducted entirely remotely
  • Patients self-disconnect at home
  • Seer arranges equipment collection from the patient’s home

Gentle materials

Our proprietary adhesive, WaterTabs, are comfortable without compromising strength.

WaterTabs are a water-soluble formulation that can be easily washed out, dramatically reducing scalp irritation and allowing for comfortable wear during the entire study duration.

Your practice can do more

Without hiring any new staff or purchasing any equipment, the Seer Home service enables you to see more patients and access new codes.