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Our mission

To challenge the status quo of healthcare and push the limits of what’s possible when it comes to patient empowerment.

Our values


We Trust Our Teammates to Go Big

We take on big challenges and trust that our teammates do the same. We support each other to achieve our goals and know that our teammates will help us when we ask.


We Live the Four Ps — People, Purpose, Products, and Profit

Seer’s people are its most valuable asset and the company cannot succeed unless its people succeed and are empowered. Purposeful work is important because our time is valuable and it drives our success. We are committed to delivering great experiences with the highest quality products and services. Profit is necessary to be sustainable, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our craft.


We Exist to Empower People

We care, listen, and strive to create great experiences. We make it easy for people to take control of their health.


We Take Out the Bins

We take ownership of our work so that we can share in the enjoyment of success. Ownership also means that we act when we see a problem, rather than assuming someone else will take care of it. Actions may be large or as small as taking out the bins.


We Are Bold in the Face of Uncertainty

No one has ever been the first to do something and also had all the information going in. There are some things we just can’t know before doing. To make real change, we must make the best use of the information that we can get and then commit, take action, and execute.


We Let the Best Ideas Win

We speak up — with respectful questioning — if we believe there is a better way to achieve our goals. If alignment is still not achieved, we bring evidence to support our view for discussion so the best ideas can advance. We align and commit when an idea is decided on.


We Focus on the Goal, Not the Obstacles

If we focused on the challenges at the start, we would never have started. We first set our sights on big goals, then make a plan and take the first steps towards them. We trust in our ingenuity and dedication to overcome challenges and problems as they arise.


We Constantly Challenge the Status Quo

We don’t accept the status quo and take pride in innovation at all levels of the company. The best ideas, whether they are big or small, are important no matter where they come from. We look for improvements every day. Not only within our teams, but across the entire company.


We Default to Transparency

We believe that a rationale shared is a decision understood. By communicating transparently, we can achieve better alignment and collective understanding. We are connected and engaged when information is shared with honesty and openness from the bottom up and top down.

Achievements in R&D

Our research team leads the world in seizure forecasting and we have been awarded several research grants over the years to support our efforts.

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Designing the Seer Sense

Life-changing medical technologies

We are changing the face of neurodiagnostics with industry-leading technologies that both improve the lives of patients and contribute to smarter decision-making in therapeutic treatments on the part of medical professionals.

Our products and technologies are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

Manufacturing at Seer Medical

We have fun…even through a global pandemic

Yes, we used to have more face-to-face fun than a global pandemic allows. But we’re making the most of remote work and finding creative ways to connect with each other and stay happy and healthy.

Purple Day 2020 at Seer Medical

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