June 2022

New technology giving people with epilepsy advanced warning of a seizure

The future of epilepsy management is here.

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June 2023

Seer Medical increases awareness around epilepsy | Digital Nation

June 2023

What is the Seer Medical epilepsy management app and how does it help people with epilepsy? | House of Wellness, Ch 7

March 2023

Using tech for epilepsy management | Medical Alley

January 2023

Building bridges between data silos: Mayo Clinic Platform’s ambitious endeavor to enable a learning healthcare system | Forbes

December 2022

How technology can help you understand your biological rhythms | Forbes Australia

Company announcements

July 2023

Leading research shapes scientific discovery, clinical practice and patient experience of epilepsy

January 2023

Seer Chief Medical Officer Prof Mark Cook honoured as Officer of the Order of Australia

December 2022

Seer Medical named recipient of Minnesota Governor’s International Trade Award

November 2022

Prime Minister’s Prize for New Innovators awarded to Seer’s Dr Pip Karoly

November 2022

Seer welcomes Dr Cathal O’Connell (RMIT) under Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative
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November 2022

Best in class: Seer named as finalist in UCSF Digital Health Awards

September 2022

Seer Medical receives FDA 510(K) clearance for ambulatory epilepsy monitoring technology

August 2022

Seer establishes first premises in the United Kingdom in London’s bustling Battersea

July 2022

Breakthrough Victoria announces investment in Seer, powering global expansion

April 2022

Seer has monitored 10,000 patients

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