May 6, 2021

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces the Digital Economy Strategy at Seer’s Melbourne headquarters

PM Scott Morrison with Seer CEO, Dean Freestone, and CPO, Kyle Slater, looking at the Seer monitoring device.

A message from Seer CEO, Dean Freestone

I am so pleased that Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the Digital Economy Strategy at Seer’s Melbourne Headquarters today.

It invests $1.2b in Australia’s digital future – including $124.1m in building capability in Artificial Intelligence. That’s a big bet from the government and one that I am confident will pay enormous dividends.

Touring our headquarters today, the Prime Minister and Ministers Stuart Robert and Jane Hume, acknowledged Seer’s achievements in building a high-growth MedTech company that is revolutionising healthcare through the use of AI and clinical wearables for at-home monitoring. It is so clear that Seer represents the next wave of emerging businesses that will provide the Australian economy with employment growth and export revenues.

Seer appreciates the Morrison government’s big bet on AI which reflects our own investment strategy. Through the use of AI, Seer can interpret and report on complex health data 10 times faster than before, delivering diagnoses much sooner at a fraction of the cost.

Breaking open health care through technology-led innovation sees Seer doubling in size every year. Where we had 40 employees in 2019, we have 160 today, and we keep growing!

I am proud to lead a company that is recognised as a stand out example of Australian innovation. It was a privilege to host the PM today and an honour for Seer to take its place in the national conversation around the Digital Economy.

Video links

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