December 8, 2021

Seer receives Most Outstanding Patient Innovation Award from Australian Patients Association


The Australian Patients Association is an independent not-for-profit association dedicated to championing the rights and interests of patients and improving patient experience. The annual APA Awards recognise and reward outstanding performance in the Australian Healthcare industry.

Seer has been honoured with the 2021 Australian Patients Association’s Most Outstanding Patient Innovation Award for its portable EEG monitor, Seer Sense®.

Seer’s flagship wearable device — Seer Sense® — has unlocked home-based clinical monitoring and transformed the patient experience, offering superior comfort for those who must undergo long-term monitoring. The award-winning design is part of the Seer Home suite of technologies, built from the ground up to deliver one thing: the world’s best home-based video-EEG experience.


Seer was nominated for the award by a patient who had received monitoring with Seer Home.

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Seer, George Kenley, accepted the award at the APA Awards Night held in Melbourne.

“To be acknowledged for the Most Outstanding Patient Innovation is a great privilege — but it is especially valuable to us knowing that the nomination was made by one of our patients,” said Ms Kenley.

“Our purpose is to give people more control over their most valuable assets — their health and their time. We’re proud to receive this recognition, just as we are every time we hear feedback from our patients about the increased convenience of home-based monitoring, the comfort of being surrounded by loved ones and a familiar environment, or their appreciation for the simple act of being able to take a shower while undergoing long-term monitoring with Seer.”

“This award belongs to the whole team at Seer, but especially to our engineers who design our technology and our clinical teams who deliver the best possible service for our patients. They conduct themselves with professionalism, refuse to accept the status quo, and deeply believe that patient outcomes come first.”

“We’re honoured by this recognition and that it reflects the power of technological innovation in transforming patient experience,” said Ms Kenley. “We feel confident of a future where people have access to life-saving monitoring, faster diagnosis and leading medical care – no matter where they live.”

Seer COO George Kenley was presented the Most Outstanding Patient Innovation award from Medibank’s Roslyn Johnson.