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We believe everyone should be able to get answers to their most pressing health concerns as quickly as possible.

Our mission is to give people more control over their most valuable assets — their health and their time.

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Shaking up a stagnant sector

Seer’s technologies are firsts of their kind. From hardware to software, and everything in between, we’re making meaningful progress for patient experiences and outcomes in this industry for the first time in decades.

Continent-scale proof of concept

Australia is Seer’s home market. Since 2017, we’ve helped more than 18,000 Australians reach a diagnosis, fast-tracking their pathway to effective condition management.

Through this process, we have diverted more than 246 years of inpatient hospital bed years to at-home monitoring care, freeing up those beds for people who require medical treatments and interventions.

*Approximate figures representing the total number of long-term video-EEG-ECG studies in Australia since 2017

Built for the world

Right from the start, Seer’s vision has been to change how objective data for EEG montoring is collected. Our products and services have been developed from the ground up to make scaling ambulatory monitoring in large health systems possible.

With offices in the United States and and Australia, Seer Medical is uniquely positioned to open up access to critical EEG monitoring testing for hundreds of thousands of people.

Deep roots in research

Seer’s research team includes some of the world’s most distinguished figures in the neurology and epilepsy research communities, regularly collaborating with research leaders around the world.

Seer has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, nearly 30 of which are part of the My Seizure Gauge Project which has been advancing the study of seizure cycles and seizure cycle tracking for several years.

Learn more about seizure cycle tracking.

Distinctive value to healthcare systems

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