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Things to check daily
Hub maintenance
Bathing and showering
Fixing electrodes
Battery information

Daily checklist

Make sure you do each of these things daily throughout your monitoring period.
The Home Monitoring Handbook you received at your appointment will have detailed information about each of these items.

Monitoring hub

The hub securely captures the information coming from your brain (EEG) and heart (ECG.) The camera records video to capture any behaviours that take place during an event.

If you are going to a different room for more than 1 hour, make sure to take the hub with you and set it up again.
To move the hub, put the camera pole down and unplug the hub. Then, move the system to its new location with care.

Diagram of the hub.

Bathing and showering during monitoring

One of the advantages of at-home monitoring with Seer Medical is that you can take quick breaks from monitoring to wash yourself and feel refreshed.

For magnetic connector or Seer Sense® systems

Shower or bath with all electrodes covered by shower cap.

Remove the top connector, chest leads, and chest stickers.

Take off your monitoring equipment and leave everything outside of the bathroom.

Use the shower cap to cover your hair, ears, and eyebrows to make sure the electrodes on your head stay dry. Any water on these electrodes will affect your study.

After your shower, replace your chest stickers and reconnect the chest leads. Reattach the top connector.

For connection with wires

Sponge bath from the neck down only.

Fixing electrodes

These instructions apply to electrodes connected with WaterTabs®.
Check your Home Monitoring Handbook if you are not sure.

Loose/detached WaterTabs® If you have been connected with WaterTabs® and one or more have come loose, you will need to fix them by following the instructions in this video.
Refilling electrodeIf you have been connected with WaterTabs® and you are being monitored for more than four (4) days, you will need to have your electrodes refilled.

Battery information

If you have a Seer Sense® device, no battery maintenance is needed. For harness and belt systems, the battery needs to be changed and charged daily. Do this at the same time each day.

Disconnect the battery by holding the grey connectors and pulling.

Remove the battery pack from your harness or belt and replace with a fully
charged battery.

Place the empty battery on charge.

When changing the battery, push or pull — do not twist.
If your battery begins to beep or flash all three coloured lights (red, green, orange), unplug it for 3 seconds and then plug it back in.
If this does not resolve the issue, please call 1300 869 888, option 1.


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