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Seer Medical delivers gold-standard video EEG-ECG monitoring in the comfort of your patients’ homes.

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Seer Medical has been providing home-based video-EEG-ECG monitoring to thousands of people across the country since 2017.


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Seer Medical’s doctors are each reputable in their respective clinical fields. Under Chief Medical Officer, Professor Mark Cook, our team of professionals provide precise reviewing and reporting so that you can refer your patients confidently. 

Committed to excellence

We believe that healthcare journeys are more successful when people are empowered with knowledge and supported along the way.

The people who come through Seer Medical’s clinics have consistently reported feeling supported and cared for by our dedicated staff throughout their monitoring periods.

Clinics across the country

Access to high quality testing is why Seer Medical was founded. Our clinics are located in every major city and across regional Australia.

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Empowering people is our passion

We’re leading the shift to healthcare in the home with revolutionary technologies that empower people to take control of their health.

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