Simple, accessible home video-EEG-ECG

Seer Medical is a complete reimagination of home-based video-EEG-ECG that delivers the comfort your patients want and the insights you need.

Deliver exceptional care your way

Choose how you deliver home video-EEG-ECG and better meet your patients’ needs with Seer Medical.

Video-EEG-ECG services covering connection to reporting, provided in patients’ homes or through a clinic.

Video-EEG-ECG services delivered at your hospital or clinic. Seer provides flexible options to address waitlist or resource constraints.

Who can we help?

Seer Medical’s service can benefit adults and children presenting with:

  • Events with impaired awareness, unresponsive episodes or loss of consciousness
  • Possible seizures occurring during sleep
  • Unprovoked convulsive activity

As well as those with known epilepsy requiring characterization of the nature of their events or assessment of response to treatment where subclinical seizures are suspected.

See how Seer Medical helps providers support their patients.

Video case study

Revolutionising ambulatory EEG

Our technology delivers a world-leading patient experience with the flexibility to monitor for up to 8 days without interruption.

The full picture – day and night

An ultra wide-angle night vision camera and telescopic camera pole provide the optimal vantage point to capture events day and night.

Transforming patient comfort

Patient discomfort is the leading driver of low compliance and poor study outcomes. Seer Home’s superior patient experience supports compliance throughout the study, helping you get the insights you need.

Seer Medical technology
Existing home video-EEG
Low-irritant, low-maintenance electrode adhesives
Lightweight medical wearable
Streamlined home setup
Ability to shower
No equipment maintenance throughout the study
Easy at-home disconnection

A new vision for long-term EEG

Seer is transforming how and where long-term EEG monitoring is done. With Seer, your inpatient resources are preserved for those who need it most, without compromising on your ability to answer the clinical question.


inpatient hospital days bypassed*


hours of data analyzed*


days average wait time between referral and connection**


patients seen*

*in Australian clinics in 2021**in Australian non-visiting clinics in 2021

Led by reseach, driven by values

Since 2017, Seer Medical has led the way in home-based video-EEG-ECG in Australia.

Seer Home represents the next step in our journey to open access to world-class clinical monitoring, leveraging the expertise of Australia’s top neurologists to create tools that meaningfully improve the lives of practitioners and their patients.

Our solutions are available for clinics across the UK, helping your patients get the answers they need to better understand their health.

Let’s get started

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