Validation of ‘Somnivore’, a machine learning algorithm for automated scoring and analysis of polysomnography data

Seer’s Dr. Dean Freestone evaluated a supervised machine learning algorithm, Somnivore, for automated wake–sleep stage classification.


Giancarlo Allocca, Sherie Ma, Davide Martelli, Matteo Cerri, Flavia Del Vecchio, Stefano Bastianini, Giovanna Zoccoli, Roberto Amici, Stephen R. Morairty, Anne E. Aulsebrook, Shaun Blackburn, John A. Lesku, Niels C. Rattenborg, Alexei L. Vyssotski, Emma Wams, Kate Porcheret, Katharina Wulff, Russell Foster, Julia K. M. Chan, Christian L. Nicholas, Dean R. Freestone, Leigh A. Johnston, and Andrew L. Gundlach.

Published on 18 March 2019

Frontiers in Neurology

Access: Open

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