Manage each day with confidence

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy or are still looking for answers, the Seer app can help you better understand your needs, enabling more valuable conversations with your doctor.

A smarter seizure diary

Record events and easily add details that tell the story of what you’re experiencing in just a few taps. Detailed records are crucial for helping your doctor understand the nature of your events – share your diary quickly and easily with them via the Seer app and have more meaningful conversations with your care team.

Medication reminders

Remember to take your medications using the Medication Manager. Group medications by time of day, set dosages prescribed by your doctor, and receive notifications when it’s time.

Understand your seizure risk

Start each day with confidence. As you record events, the Seer app builds a map of your seizure cycles, allowing you to identify days and times where you’re at higher risk of a seizure so you can plan ahead.

Crucial details where you need them

The Seer app is a diary you’ll never forget to bring to your appointment. Review all of your reported events at a glance in a streamlined card view and always have the information your doctor needs at hand.

Safe and secure data storage

The Seer app adheres to the highest standards of user privacy and data protection as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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